A Period Drama!

Is it appropriate to blog about periods? Because I have something to share…

My periods have started!

Periods are not usually something girls talk about with fondness. And they’re probably not something guys talk (or think) about at all. (So, if you’re a guy reading this, I hope you don’t get too grossed out!)

But having a period is something to celebrate in my life because anorexia screwed up my body. For reasons explained in my previous blog post, I lost respect for my body and as it became malnourished it stopped functioning properly. This meant my periods stopped. As of yesterday, the last period I had was when I was 18. I’m now 23.

It’s like going through puberty again (why oh why do I put myself through these things?!). And I was completely unprepared for it. I was at work yesterday and found myself stranded in the loo with no sanitary stuff. Thankfully our incredibly lovely receptionist at work was supplied with sanitary towels (as well as all the latest Panini stickers!). She came to my rescue and celebrated the moment with me (shout out to Sofia!). 

Getting your periods back is a HUGE milestone in recovery from a restrictive eating disorder. So although I’m feeling emotionally tender, I’m so relieved. Missing hormones are switching back on. I’m becoming a woman again!

I’m​ not going to bother analysing what may or may not have kick-started my periods – although I do think the big lasagna I had the night before possibly gave my body the extra hit of energy it needed to wake up (thanks mum!). The main thing is that I’m on the mend.

Typically, my period has come just as I’m about to go away to another country (I’m blogging en route to the airport this morning… Sweden here I come!). However I’m going away with great friends who are looking out for me and celebrating my period with me.

Now that’s more than enough talk of periods for one blog post!


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