Welcome to my Blog…

Hello! It’s nice to (virtually) meet you. My name is Emily, and just like every single other person on this planet, I struggle to cope with life sometimes. And that’s okay.


At the age of 18, unleashed into adulthood, I suddenly felt very overwhelmed by the world in which I was living. This made me feel vulnerable. My life wasn’t panning out the way I’d planned it. This made me feel out of control.

As a result of a combination of life experiences (which I talk more about in my blog posts) I developed an eating disorder – and along with it, depression and anxiety took me to a very dark place. A while ago now, I hit rock bottom and decided enough was enough was enough. I didn’t want to live scared in the dark anymore. I started to work at overcoming these issues which consumed my life. I started to blog about my journey out of the darkness and into the light.

Blogging really helps me understand my struggles. I am very open and honest about my vulnerabilities and weaknesses because I have learnt that these aren’t things to be ashamed of. My difficult experiences – as horrible as they are – are also teaching me so much about life. I’m learning how to cope when things overwhelm me. I’m realising that many of my struggles, experiences and feelings are, to a lesser or great extent, common to us all. It is possible to live in the light, and we can decide to love life, despite the difficulties it throws at us. If you are struggling with life for whatever reason(s), I hope reading my blog helps you as much as writing it helps me.

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